Getting Big with Wigs: Career Potential in Wig Styling

Hair stylists and beauty experts are known for their skills and secrets when it comes to fashioning some of the most unique looks. However, that expertise does not always necessarily have to be applied to the hair on someone’s head – it can be put to use in the wide world of wigs. For those attending beauty or cosmetology school, wigs are the perfect learning tool, serving as a unique canvas to practice one’s new hair design craft. However, styling wigs does not have to end there – it can become a part of any hair stylist’s career.

What Can Styled Wigs Be Used For?

  • Props in movies: Oftentimes in Hollywood, actors need to present a bold hair style, especially in the worlds of fantasy or sci-fi. Wigs help these talented individuals achieve the look without having to compromise their real hair.
  • Alternatives to cancer patients: Although many can defeat cancer through chemotherapy, the treatment comes with many great sacrifices, including hair loss. Through charities, such as Locks of Love, people donate real hair that is to be crafted into a natural looking wig. Not only do the stylists behind these pieces give a cancer patient comfort, they also provide them with a stylish new look.
  • Drag performers: As Ru Paul’s Drag Race continues to be a hit with audiences across America, the drag queen phenomenon grows in popularity. Although having existed as a subculture for decades, drag performers are now making appearances on stages across the country. Of course, these brave individuals always need a plethora of hair styles to select from to match the mood of each performance. Whether they are looking for funky or formal, wig stylists can tailor unique options that can help define a performer’s personality.

How to Become a Wig Stylist

The best way to enter the career field of wig styling is to pursue a traditional hair care license as required by the state. Although, wig stylists do not practice on real heads of hair, it is essential for them to learn all the fundamentals of hair care and design to translate into their works of art. Going to a certified beauty school is a great way to earn this experience. In addition, beauty and cosmetology schools can serve as a great place for students to interact and meet other talented professionals to learn from and work with.

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Finding the Business in Beauty, Innovative Styling Solutions for Today’s Consumers

Working in the beauty industry can require science skills and a little bit of culinary ability, as many makeup artists, hair stylists, nail design professionals and colorists blend ingredients to create polished results for their clients. However, working in the world of style can also open doors to the world of business, as many creative individuals with beauty and cosmetology licenses are proving today. In fact, although the idea of helping individuals look better through hair and skin care solutions is an age old practice, innovations continue to surface.

Although some believe that working in the hair care, skin care, beauty or cosmetology industries means confining one’s self to a salon, many successful entrepreneurs are proving otherwise. For instance, startup company eSalon is revolutionizing the way women approach hair coloring. Most women who have perused store aisles for the perfect box of hair color know that finding the right shade is a difficult task. However, eSalon provides a way for women to chat one-on-one with a professional colorist over the Internet to create a customized color blend that works with the client’s skin tone and hair shade. More importantly, the personalized color is mailed directly to the client, allowing them to attain an improved color in a convenient, cost-effective manner.

The convenience delivered by eSalon is a concept that is becoming more prevalent among some of the most creative minds in the beauty industry. For example, a recent episode of The Ricki Lake Show highlighted a new trend in hair care offered by new companies, such as The Dry Bar. These innovative businesses work to bring the styling to the customer, whether in the salon or in their home. Instead of focusing on cuts or colors, these companies work to provide women with a quick makeover through expert hair styling. The idea makes for a promising business model, as women can host parties for their girlfriends where they socialize as a team of stylists create a new, finessed look for their hair.

These are just a few examples of the types of fresh ideas popping up throughout the beauty industry, but they do demonstrate just how far creativity and success in the market can go. However, it is important to remember that to pursue these types of ambitious career options one must always start a strong educational foundation. To provide adept services, these aforementioned companies employ professionals who obtained beauty licenses from beauty and cosmetology schools. If you have an idea for a business in the beauty industry, finding an accredited beauty school is a great first step. Take a look at to see just how many paths the industry can offer.

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Highlights Hair and Makeup Style

In just a few short days, leaders in the fashion industry will gather in New York City to view the latest in apparel and style. Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is not just a preview of new collections—it’s parties, interviews and a time for creativity to take center stage. While fashion mavens, photographers, socialites and magazine editors are sure to fill fashion show audiences, it’s important to remember all that goes on behind-the-scenes. Although many eyes are sure to immediately take notice of the clothes, the hair and makeup crafted by expert stylists and beauty industry specialists add the special “cherry on top” to this season’s looks.

For many makeup artists, hair stylists and nail designers, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is the crux of professionalism; while everyone is waiting for the next bold look, they must be presented in a stunning, flawless manner. Although no one can be sure what to expect until the models take to the runway, there are a few recent beauty trends that may make reappearances this fall.

Frizz with Class

For his Spring 2012 collection, Oscar de la Renta brought frizz back into the fold. However, this hair look is not a simple rehash of those fluffy ’80s perms—it’s one that adds a bit of class. According to one Harper’s Bazaar article, lead hairstylist, Orlando Pita was the master behind this elegant look. The article explains his technique, “He started by wrapping small sections of strands into tight pin curls and letting everything dry. Then, he brushed out hair to achieve the desired level of elegant pouf.” With many global shifts coming up, including the 2012 presidential election, there may be a continuing feeling of optimism in the air—a sentiment brought to life by this hair style that has personality. However, some designers may opt to take a laid back approach and build upon current trends of loose and tucked-under ponytails.

The Plight of Dark and Light

During the fall season, many designers usually tend to focus on simple monochromatic designs, which can often be detected in a model’s makeup design. Those attending shows with darker aesthetics can expect to see a lot of starry-eyed eye shadow that connects fashion to the celestial world—with Neil Armstrong’s recent death and the new Mars rover, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. For those turning to a wintery affect, pastels could be a welcome contender on the makeup front; these designers may choose frosted eye shadows and other cosmetics that add pallor.

The Lips Have It

Although many women have turned to the nude, natural look provided by many lip-gloss brands, this year’s Fashion Week could bring dramatic colors back into style. Recent shows have highlighted crimson lipsticks and electric reds. Although bold, many makeup artists could opt to use these stark colors to create a sexy and powerful look.

Getting to the Top

Just as fashion designers have to work hard learning the craft of creating apparel, the behind-the-scenes cosmetic and hair teams at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week must come on board with a lot of confidence, expertise and experience. For those with dreams of making it to this level, beauty school is an excellent place to start. Not only do beauty schools provide eager students with necessary lessons and licensing in subjects like hair design and cosmetology, but also help these artists form confidence and build professional networks that will help carry them to the next level of professionalism—and perhaps one day to Fashion Week. While following this path is the chosen standard, it’s important to find an institution that is reputable. If you’re curious, take a moment to search through quality cosmetology schools at

Accredited Beauty Schools Offer Greater Benefits

As Americans enter the next decade with full force, style and appearance have become increasingly important across all demographics. Youthful celebrities are currently showing how diverse new looks can be, encouraging individuals to embrace styles that reflect one’s own personality. From Miley Cyrus’ recent punk-pixie chop haircut to Katy Perry’s ever-changing hair color, Hollywood is making beauty statements all across the spectrum.

While new looks are certainly exciting for consumers, they are even more stimulating for those who want to work in the beauty and cosmetology industry. The challenges presented by today’s trends have allowed beauty school students to learn a great deal of techniques, shaping them to be confident for the next phase of their career as hair stylists, nail designers or make-up artists. In a recent interview, Redken artist Kenny Berk explains, “The hair and fashion industry has never been as fresh and exciting as it is today! The combination of 60s geometrics along with the multi-textures of the 70s and 80s has resulted in significant twists within our thinking as artists and hairdressers.”

Despite the vast inspiration that the evolution of style provides, many individuals seeking careers in the beauty industry have trouble beginning their journey. There is an array of beauty schools throughout the country, but accredited beauty schools ensure that hopeful students can get the education they deserve. Here are some key advantages that accredited institutions can offer:

Quality Training

For a beauty or cosmetology school to become accredited, it must meet certain standards as set forth by the accrediting agency. Knowing a school has such credentials will ensure that instructors are licensed professionals, students are afforded an exceptional training facility and a comprehensive curriculum is offered.

Financial Assistance

Although education is a worthy investment, in today’s economy it can prove difficult for any student to find the necessary funding to pursue their dreams. Since accredited institutions meet specific criteria, students attending them can often qualify for financial aid from outside organizations. It is recommended that throughout the beauty school selection process, students also take advantage of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, to get a head start on financial aid planning. In addition, many accredited schools offer financial services and scholarships.

Career Placement

To get ahead in today’s beauty industry it not only requires skill, but also a reputable education. Accredited institutions are recognized by major cosmetic and hair care brands across the world; pursuing certification at such an establishment will provide greater assurance during one’s job search after graduation. In addition, many instructors are working professionals—these connections allow students to develop career plans as they network with key industry players.

Finding the Right School

As previously noted, there are many beauty schools where one can pursue educational goals. While this vast amount can be overwhelming, deciding to attend an accredited beauty school helps narrow down the decision. To being the search, provides prospective students with a free resource to find reliable institutions that provide training in a variety of beauty and cosmetology fields.

Cosmetics Are Still A Necessity, Beauty Schools Create Opportunities Within Growing Industry

During tough economic times, one common theme heard amongst consumers is that cutting back on unnecessary purchases is essential to saving money. Studies show that individuals are shopping at consignment stores, traveling less and making fewer frivolous purchases. However, many would be surprised to learn that cosmetic product sales are actually on the rise, despite the country’s economic downturn.

According to a recent article from The San Francisco Chronicle, “Market researchers recently found an 11 percent increase in sales for beauty products last year, despite an economic slump and lower employment rates [in a majority of industries]. Beauty industry consumers often seek skin care, make-up, nail care, and other products related to personal grooming and appearance.” So what does this mean? It means that the beauty industry is one facet of the market that will continue to grow and provide needed services to a widening consumer base.

As unemployment is a scary reality for many professionals, these statistics demonstrate that those who commit to careers within the cosmetic industry are joining a very strong market. Whether one has hopes of becoming a top-notch hair stylist, nail designer or make-up artist, it is encouraging that there is more than enough room for such work in this growing industry. While customers lead busy lives, they report that these trained beauty industry professionals are relied upon to give them the latest, innovative looks. Serving as a beauty industry professional not only means taking part in a thriving industry, but also restoring economic confidence.

In addition, increased sales of cosmetic products allow successful nail technicians, estheticians, hair designers and cosmeticians to take advantage of greater money-making opportunity. Beauty industry professionals can turn to their eager consumer base to sell selected, recommended products and thus increase commission on those sales.

However, becoming a successful and lucrative beauty industry professional is not something that happens overnight. To build a successful career in the beauty industry, it is essential to get the proper training and licensing in order for consumers to feel confident in your service offering. Successfully completing beauty school takes great dedication, and the opportunities after completion are endless. To begin your research on how to the next step in pursuing your beauty industry career visit A visitor to this website can easily search for dependable institutions that will supply the proper training and allow for valuable hands-on instruction in many fields of beauty care.

Service-based Job Growth on the Rise: Find Your Future in the Cosmetology and Beauty Industry!

The American economy has certainly seen some rough times in recent years. Daily business practices have changed, services and products have been altered and mass manufacturing is taking a major dip. In fact, many of today’s successful professionals are those who work in the ever-growing service-based economy. To put this trend in perspective the Associated Press stated this month, “U.S. service companies, which employ about 90 percent of the workforce, grew at a slightly faster pace in May. It marked their 29th straight month of expansion.”

So what’s a person to do when it comes to searching for a career in this type of economy? After all, “service” is a broad term that applies to many different types of jobs.

A tech-savvy individual may look into becoming a web service professional after taking a series of web-design courses. A financial wizard may study accounting to provide individuals with tax or budgetary services. But what about the creative individuals who have are interested in beauty and personal wellness?

Great, secure jobs that involve artistry and creativity are few and far between, but there is one industry that is filled with opportunity – cosmetology and the beauty business. There are several careers in the beauty industry that give many individuals lots of options to consider. By going to a local beauty school, you can learn from some of the most gifted professionals and gain exposure to the several areas of the industry.

If you love following trends in hair and working with a unique canvas, hair design could be the career for you. For those interested in the more scientific elements of skin care, laser training and esthetics are something to consider. And of course, those that appreciate color and style might want to pursue a career in make-up or nail artistry.

These jobs are unique in that they are what you make of them. For instance, some are satisfied working casually among their community at a local hair salon. Others take a plunge and end up working in the fast-paced world of designer spas or pursue cosmetology and beauty design to receive entry into the world of art, fashion and film.

So are you ready to get started and explore the creative and expanding field of beauty care? If you have got the passion, the drive and the energy to take a step into your future, it’s time to find a beauty school that fits your needs. If you need help locating a reputable institution, visit and take a look at the many options that are out there!

Did You Graduate From Beauty School Yet?

If you have already completed your beauty school courses and become a certified cosmetologist, congratulations! You are embarking on a career that is challenging, exciting, and highly rewarding. If you haven’t finished your schooling yet, remember that you have an exciting future to look forward to!

Benefits of Graduating from Beauty School

After completing beauty school, you will be able to start your career as a cosmetologist. This is a fun and powerful career that allows you to improve the lives of your clients each and every day. You know how confident you feel after getting a great haircut? Or how your self-esteem rises after getting a manicure? You will have the power to help people feel this way once you start work as a cosmetologist! Nothing is quite so rewarding as boosting someone’s self-esteem.

By graduating from beauty school, you can become a trained and licensed cosmetologist, which grants you the ability to make money doing what you love. The old saying, “If you love your work you will never work a day in your life,” really applies! Having your certification is the key to securing a job you look forward to each and every day.

Tips to Graduating from Beauty School

Like any educational program, beauty school can be a challenge. Being in cosmetology school and working at a salon are two very different things; however, your beauty school program should provide you with the hands-on experience you need to thrive in a professional setting. This reason, among several others, makes completion of your program very important. Few industries offer the same level of experience to their students, and you can capitalize on this experience to improve your capabilities and further your career before you even graduate!

Because completing a program at a beauty school can be a challenge, it is something to be exceptionally proud of. You can use your talents, skills, and experience to help others look and feel fabulous. As such, you will become a powerful professional who has the ability to truly make a difference in this world. This being said, don’t give up when your classes get tough! Accept the challenge and push through, knowing that, on the other side of graduation, your dream job awaits.

If you long to become a cosmetologist, why wait to start your career? Take the first step toward your new profession by researching the beauty scholarships programs in your area today.

20 Skills Great Beauty School Courses Will Teach You?

Finding the right beauty school is important, as this school will prepare you for your upcoming career in cosmetology. As such, your education is an investment in your future—one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The best way to find a great beauty school is to do a bit of research about the programs available to you. In doing so, you can determine which school offers the most comprehensive, hands-on curriculum.

Most beauty schools will teach the same standard courses in hair care, aesthetics, nail care, and facials. Additionally, some will foray into salon management, which tackles the business side of things. When looking for a quality education, though, you should seek out a school that breaks these courses down into finer skills, allowing you to develop the practical experience and knowledge you need to operate successfully in the salon setting.

By breaking down the individual skills that a quality beauty school will develop, you can choose a cosmetology school that will truly hone your abilities and build upon your current knowledge of the industry. Here are 20 of the most important skills that a great beauty school should teach you:

1. Industry standards pertaining to hygiene and sanitation

2. On the job safety

3. Tool and workstation maintenance

4. Inventory management

5.  Shampooing

6. Hair coloring

7. Scalp treatments

8. Hair styling

9. Hair cutting

10. Chemical treatments

11. Scalp massage

12.  Hair removal (including waxing and plucking)

13. Eyebrow arching

14. Eyebrow tinting

15. Make-up artistry

16. Manicures

17. Pedicures

18. Salon management

19. Industry-specific laws and regulations

20. Skincare, including facials

Of course, this list is in no way comprehensive. If you can find a school that goes above and beyond these skills, take advantage of the wonderful education it will provide! Think of these skills as the basic foundation to a successful career in cosmetology. If a school doesn’t cover these skills, you may want to look elsewhere for your education.

At the same time, it is important that you keep your own interests and goals in mind. If you are looking to only do hair, then you may be comfortable choosing a program that teaches limited courses on facials or nail care. The most valuable thing to remember when finding the perfect cosmetology program is your own career. When you find a program that offers the right courses for you—while providing a solid foundation that will help you build your career in the beauty industry—go for it!

How to Get Beauty School Scholarships

Financial aid can be a bit difficult to navigate if you haven’t applied for it before. From grants and scholarships to loans, you may have several options before you. The best money is always the free money, though, so grants and scholarships should always come first when choosing which financial aid to use to pay for Beauty School. By using a combination of resources, including FAFSA, your school’s financial aid office, and local scholarship opportunities, you can secure financial aid for your education.

Finding financial aid can be tough, but if you follow these quick steps you can easily locate scholarships and grants that will help you pay for school.

  • Fill out a FAFSA: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) helps many scholarship foundations distribute their need-based resources. Grants and some scholarships are awarded based on the financial need of those applying for them, so this is an important form to fill out. Several states work on a first come, first served basis, so filling out your FAFSA as soon as possible may play a pivotal role in the amount of financial aid you receive! This is the form that will allow you to be considered for federal, state, and college-sponsored financial aid. Additionally, it determines eligibility for more than just grants and scholarships, as it also helps in awarding loans and work-study programs.
  • Visit the Financial Aid Office: Your school and community may offer additional grants and scholarships that aren’t awarded through FAFSA. To learn more about these, visit the Financial Aid Office of your cosmetology school. Here, you should be able to learn more about local scholarships for which you are eligible.
  • Follow through with all scholarship applications: FAFSA is a single application that, though time consuming, may grant you access to multiple forms of financial aid. Likewise, local and private scholarship applications will take time to complete, but are well worth the effort if they help you pay for your tuition and living expenses. Make sure that all application materials are turned in on time and complete, allowing you to be certain that you are in the running for these important awards.
  • You may find the scholarship application process to be a bit inconvenient, as it may require that you write essays, draft letters, and fulfill other application requirements; however, securing scholarships and grants that you do not have to pay back after graduation is a wonderful way to pay for your schooling. Just remember to take advantage of every opportunity that arises, as every scholarship, no matter how much it is worth, is valuable!   Find out more information about how you could be provided funding and take advantage of other scholarship opportunities.