Service-based Job Growth on the Rise: Find Your Future in the Cosmetology and Beauty Industry!

The American economy has certainly seen some rough times in recent years. Daily business practices have changed, services and products have been altered and mass manufacturing is taking a major dip. In fact, many of today’s successful professionals are those who work in the ever-growing service-based economy. To put this trend in perspective the Associated Press stated this month, “U.S. service companies, which employ about 90 percent of the workforce, grew at a slightly faster pace in May. It marked their 29th straight month of expansion.”

So what’s a person to do when it comes to searching for a career in this type of economy? After all, “service” is a broad term that applies to many different types of jobs.

A tech-savvy individual may look into becoming a web service professional after taking a series of web-design courses. A financial wizard may study accounting to provide individuals with tax or budgetary services. But what about the creative individuals who have are interested in beauty and personal wellness?

Great, secure jobs that involve artistry and creativity are few and far between, but there is one industry that is filled with opportunity – cosmetology and the beauty business. There are several careers in the beauty industry that give many individuals lots of options to consider. By going to a local beauty school, you can learn from some of the most gifted professionals and gain exposure to the several areas of the industry.

If you love following trends in hair and working with a unique canvas, hair design could be the career for you. For those interested in the more scientific elements of skin care, laser training and esthetics are something to consider. And of course, those that appreciate color and style might want to pursue a career in make-up or nail artistry.

These jobs are unique in that they are what you make of them. For instance, some are satisfied working casually among their community at a local hair salon. Others take a plunge and end up working in the fast-paced world of designer spas or pursue cosmetology and beauty design to receive entry into the world of art, fashion and film.

So are you ready to get started and explore the creative and expanding field of beauty care? If you have got the passion, the drive and the energy to take a step into your future, it’s time to find a beauty school that fits your needs. If you need help locating a reputable institution, visit and take a look at the many options that are out there!