How to Get Beauty School Scholarships

Financial aid can be a bit difficult to navigate if you haven’t applied for it before. From grants and scholarships to loans, you may have several options before you. The best money is always the free money, though, so grants and scholarships should always come first when choosing which financial aid to use to pay for Beauty School. By using a combination of resources, including FAFSA, your school’s financial aid office, and local scholarship opportunities, you can secure financial aid for your education.

Finding financial aid can be tough, but if you follow these quick steps you can easily locate scholarships and grants that will help you pay for school.

  • Fill out a FAFSA: The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) helps many scholarship foundations distribute their need-based resources. Grants and some scholarships are awarded based on the financial need of those applying for them, so this is an important form to fill out. Several states work on a first come, first served basis, so filling out your FAFSA as soon as possible may play a pivotal role in the amount of financial aid you receive! This is the form that will allow you to be considered for federal, state, and college-sponsored financial aid. Additionally, it determines eligibility for more than just grants and scholarships, as it also helps in awarding loans and work-study programs.
  • Visit the Financial Aid Office: Your school and community may offer additional grants and scholarships that aren’t awarded through FAFSA. To learn more about these, visit the Financial Aid Office of your cosmetology school. Here, you should be able to learn more about local scholarships for which you are eligible.
  • Follow through with all scholarship applications: FAFSA is a single application that, though time consuming, may grant you access to multiple forms of financial aid. Likewise, local and private scholarship applications will take time to complete, but are well worth the effort if they help you pay for your tuition and living expenses. Make sure that all application materials are turned in on time and complete, allowing you to be certain that you are in the running for these important awards.
  • You may find the scholarship application process to be a bit inconvenient, as it may require that you write essays, draft letters, and fulfill other application requirements; however, securing scholarships and grants that you do not have to pay back after graduation is a wonderful way to pay for your schooling. Just remember to take advantage of every opportunity that arises, as every scholarship, no matter how much it is worth, is valuable!   Find out more information about how you could be provided funding and take advantage of other scholarship opportunities.